Different Jobs You Never Thought You Could Have

When we graduate school the thought of what we are going to do with the rest of our lives quickly fills our minds.  For some people, going to school to get a degree is their main objective where others won’t go back to school for years if ever.  Others will join the military where others still will just enter the workforce.  For those looking to enter the workforce, here are some unique and different jobs that you never thought were possible.


A Notary Republic is someone that has the power of a lot of different people.  When filling out a notary application you will be presented with a lot of different options that you can do.  For the most part however, you can marry people, sign legal documents and more.  When you are a notary you can work in a wide range of businesses such as banks, shipping stores such as UPS and more.

notary application

Dog Walker

The millennials have taken it upon themselves to create entire industries to make a lot of money while doing as little work as possible.  One of these such businesses are dog walkers.  In large cities such as New York you can use sites like rover.com to get a job as a dog walker.  People will expect you at a specific time or will contact you via the app.  When you arrive, they give you their dog, you take them to do their business and when they are done come back. 

Driver / Delivery Person

With companies such as Uber and Lift we are now able to become our own taxi service.  Through these apps we can request someone to come and pick us up. Drive us to wherever we want to go and drop us off.  When we are done with our business, we order a new person and they take us home.

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